Special Issue: ‘Gender, post-truth populism and higher education pedagogies’

Special Issue: ‘Gender, post-truth populism and higher education pedagogies’

Our latest special issue has been published!  Entitled Gender, Post-Truth Populism and Higher Education Pedagogies and edited by Penny Jane Burke and Ronelle Carolissen, it features eight articles exploring ‘the relationship between gender, power and higher education pedagogies in the context of current political struggles and divisions attached to competing claims to ‘truth’, ‘fake news’ and ‘post truth’ discourses’:

  • Who is the critical thinker in higher education? A feminist re-thinking, by
  • ‘Bastard’ daughters in the ivory tower: illegitimacy and the higher education experiences of the daughters of single mothers in the UK, by
  • ‘It’s in the room’: reinvigorating feminist pedagogy, contesting neoliberalism, and trumping post-truth populism, by
  • Truth, masculinity and the anti-elitist backlash against the university in the age of Trump, by
  • Representation within higher education curricula: contextualising and advocating for feminist digital activism, by
  • The uncomfortable teacher-student encounter and what comes to matter, by ,&
  • Pedagogies of care, care-full epistemological practice and ‘other’ caring subjectivities in enabling education, by &
  • Digital feminist pedagogy and post-truth misogyny, by

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