Vice-President's Report

1st. Quarter Report 2018

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Here we go again. The White House FY 2019 Budget Proposal. Please look it up on your NALC APP, read it and stand up for your job, call your congressman and tell them to vote NO to this Proposal. You can find out who your congressional representative is on the app with your zip code, then click under GOV, T AFFAIRS.

The Texas State Association started off the year 2018 attending 24 branches to educate our members on why it’s important to participate in the Letter Carrier Political Fund (LCPF). We have made some progress on raising our state percentage from 7.8 since December 2017. But we will still have carriers retiring, so we have to work harder to make up that difference. I ask you brothers and sisters that we must start donating to the LCPF. As I have stated before, NALC cannot use union dues for legislation so we have to donate. IT WILL BE THE BEST INVESTMENT, WE AS CARRIERS CAN MAKE TO KEEP WHAT WE ALREADY HAVE.

Why is it important for us letter carriers to give to the LCPF? Every candidate that votes for our issues need funds for their campaign to win, and for us to lobby in Washington on our issues. With us donating to LCPF, we can raise our account high enough to be able to help those candidates that will help us with our issues and we will be able to lobby in Washington. This is just politics.

Reasons to donate to the LCPF: Let’s start with the 2019 Budget. The 7.8% that Texas carriers are giving to LCPF is very low. There are talks about privatizing the Post office every year, first class mail volume is down, the 2006 Mandate of our retirement fund of 5.5 billion dollars and closing of postal facilities. These are good reasons to donate to the LCPF, the only positive thing going for us is parcel are up. 

Parcels: Sorry I forgot, Parcel are up but (UPS AND FED-EX) are spending millions of dollars lobbying in Washington to take parcels away from the USPS. We are just not fighting Washington, we are fighting our competitors. So, I ask all of you that are going to make the USPS a carrier like myself and others, PLEASE DON’T THINK TWICE ABOUT DONATING TO THE LCPF. CALL YOUR BRANCH PRESIDENT AND HE/SHE WILL PUT YOU IN CONTACT WITH THE BRANCH LCPF COORDINATOR TO SIGN YOU UP. OR YOU CAN CALL ME AT 210-744-2602 ANYTIME AND I WILL SIGN YOU UP. ALL I WOULD NEED IS YOUR LITE BLUE PASSWORD. PLEASE, IT’S THE BEST INVESTMENT WE CAN MAKE TO FIGHT FOR OUR JOBS. 

We also need to start knocking on Republican doors. There are 25 republican congressional seats in Texas. We still have lots of work to do. We need to educate Texas Republicans on our issues and convince them to support Letter Carriers.  As a union our experience has been that most if not all Democrats have supported our issues every time we ask, but that’s not enough. We need bipartisan support. We need Republicans and Democrats to set aside their issues. So please if you live in a Republican district and you have a Republican congressman, please go talk to them about our issues. Call me if you need any help.

How can we get Republican congressman in Texas to support our issues?

Well we need to become their friends help them do mail outs, phone banking, block walking, attend their town house meetings, stop by their local office to talk to them, and overall be very persistent about or issues? We need to work together in Texas to make it happen. Let’s fight for our jobs together, we can make a difference.

Brothers and sisters, NALC family, our letter carriers in Texas have another issue among ourselves. Our voting turnout is very low. We need to get out and vote! Some of us believe our votes don’t matter. Every vote matters. So those that are registered to vote please take the pledge to exercise your right to vote. You matter, these issues matter, our strength is in our numbers. We need to represent the NALC and let it be known we are fighting for our jobs. So please NALC family, VOTE. Register if you have to. We can do it, TOGETHER.

The State Association will be working hard on protecting Letter Carrier jobs, but we need everyone's help so that together we can win. Thank you once again and I look forward to seeing you all throughout the year at your branch meetings.