Vice-President's Report

4th. Quarter Report of 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters,


The Texas State Executive Board would love to give all our Letter Carrier Political Fund (LCPF) Coordinators in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Ft. Worth, El Paso, Corpus Christi, Dallas and our smaller branches a big thank you for doing a great job in helping us sign up members in 2018. We will continue what we started in January to bring back respect, unity and to strengthen the Texas State Association of Letter Carriers.. This year has been monumental learning of all the talk in Washington about privatizing our jobs. The fight is not over. I ask all Texas Letter Carriers to continue to fight for our jobs in 2019.


The midterm elections in November brought new congressional representatives to Washington, DC. The state is attending a lobbying trip to Washington, along with some dedicated members who are not LCCLs, to educate the new members about letter carrier issues. It is important to make sure we can influence the new members to support letter carrier issues. When the state gets back from our trip, we will continue to visit branches as we all know how important it is to educate our members on how to use legislation to keep our jobs.


Again, a big thank you to all the members that have signed up to the Letter Carrier Political Fund in 2018. You believed in how important your job is and what it provides you to take care of your family. I will ask you to continue your valiant effort to help us spread the word to all the rest of your union brothers and sisters to do the same by signing up as well.


Our national President Rolando cannot protect our jobs by himself, that is why we all must continue to stand together and help our national union by signing up more members to the LCPF. Together we can help our President fight for our jobs like the letter carriers did with the 1970 strike. Those noble, dedicated workers fought for our bargaining rights and all our benefits we currently have today. Letter Carriers united and did it then, so we can unite and fight for our issues now.


I would also love to recognize all our District Board members Ron Eudy, Shelby Clower, Rita Wilder, Matt Sellmyer, Luis Palacios and AG Ramirez for the outstanding job they have done in 2018 signing members to the LCPF. Job well done. As you know we all must continue signing up more members as our jobs are very important for our future. To all the LCCLs Thank You. All of you are very important to the state. Without your dedication and effort, it would make the state job much more difficult. Achieving goals keeps the dedication and confidence going. I would also like to thank our Sate Treasurer Dana Culpepper along with our new Secretary Forrest Shephard for doing a great job keeping up with the state’s books.  


Leadership starts from the top. I myself will continue helping the state earn the respect it deserves along with the state board members. We will continue to work more efficiently, smarter, and harder to unite and strengthen our legislative effort in Texas. The state will also be working with branch presidents on educating all members on how important it is to become a LCPF member.


I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Christmas and a Happy New Year. Until next time, take care of each other and let’s make 2019 a year to remember for Letter Carriers.