Vice-President's Report

2017 3rd Quarter Report

Hello Brothers and Sisters,


Thank you, Texas Delegation, for electing me as your Vice President for the TSALC. Before the election, I went around to some of the branches asking for your support and telling you what ideas I was running on. These things are very important to the success of the State Association. They are also things that we can accomplish like filling all the Letter Carriers Congressional Liaison (LCCL) positions in the state, raising participation in the Letter Carrier Political Fund (LCPF) and uniting all TSALC members so that together we can make things work for us.

The State Officers started on Monday, after the Convention, to make these things happen. I hope you have noticed at your Branch meetings that the State, with National’s support, is trying to find and appoint a LCPF Coordinator at every Branch. It will take time to fill those positions but it will get done. It is also good to be able to say that all State Officers are contributing to the LCPF and that is a great start to asking all members to do the same. The new National LCPF program is another way to help secure our jobs and the State is working to implement it.  Both the State and National are working with the Branch Presidents in making this program successful. The reason the LCPF is so important is that our Union cannot use dues money to contribute to candidates that will support Letter Carrier issues as this is against Federal Law. As you know, any candidate running for office needs money to fund that campaign. Without friends in in office, we can’t get our issues passed and also protect what we already have like Six Day Delivery, Door to Door Delivery and maintaining Service Standards. These issues come up every year and those are just a few things that could hurt our jobs. The 2018 Trump Budget is another example as it calls for all active Federal and Postal employees covered by the Federal Service Retirement System (FERS) to gradually equalize the agency and employee contributions by 1 percent of pay per year for up to six years. This will cost active carriers up to $3,600 annually after that time with no increase in pension benefits. This budget also calls for elimination of Cost of Living Allowances (COLA) and other portions that attack our wages and benefits. That is why it is so important to give to the LCPF, it is the best investment we can make for our job security.


The State Association will be working hard on protecting Letter Carriers jobs but we need everyone's help so that together we can win. Thank you once again and I look forward to seeing you all throughout the year.