Vice-President's Report

2nd. Quarter Report 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The State Association is in gear now and we are doing what needs to be done for our members and to fight for our jobs. We are doing a great job with all the participation we have been receiving from you the members. This is making the state stronger. We still have lots of work to do but together we will get it done. Thank you for your help.

State officers have been attending branch meetings promoting the Letter Carrier Political Fund (LCPF) and its importance and we would like to thank all the members that have signed up and all of those that are thinking of signing up and those that give a one-time contribution a year. State officers will continue to visit branches after the National Convention and we hope to see you soon.  

For those that are not aware of what Washington is trying to do to Letter Carriers and other unions all you need is to look it up on the NALC APP or NALC website.  

Some examples:  

1. The Supreme Court ruling 5-4 to invalidate state and local public-sector unions’ authority to collect agency fees. This money is used for collective bargaining and our bargaining rights are also being threatened.  

2. The White House’s proposal to privatize the U.S. Postal Service.

3. OPM trying to reduce much of our benefits and wages 

Brothers and Sisters, we have a battle ahead of us and we need to stand together and not let Washington take what the NALC has fought for all these years. Those members that believe that our jobs our secure and nothing will happen; THINK AGAIN, OUR JOBS ARE NO LONGER SECURE. 

I’m asking all members to please register to vote and get out and vote on November 6th. Also, find out who your congressman/woman is, Republican or Democrat, and get out and educate them about our issues. They may not know anything about us. It’s very important that we are out campaigning for those candidates that will preserve 6-day mail delivery, door to door delivery, Bargaining rights, medical insurance and our pay. Please, we only have four more months to the finish line on November 6th. Let’s do this together as Letter carriers and we can make a difference for our family’s lives.

Any one of you that is going to make the USPS a career; stand with your brothers and sisters and fight for your jobs and your retirement. To sign up for the LCPF: call your branch president or you can call me anytime 210-744-2602. We need to fight back.