Treasurer's Report
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September 30, 2017

The State has done great with their finances during the months of July through September 2017. The State is on track with the budget and if you look at the budget we should carrier over the amount that was stated. It looks like the State will be carrying over funds every year. Now that the State pays Per-diem (hotel & meals) we can keep our cost down and I want to thank the Members of the State for passing the By-Laws. As your Treasure I am making sure YOUR money is being spent as it should be. The State took a small lost on the 2017 State Convention and that happens sometime and it was no fault of any Board-member, we had to give a few refunds back to some Delegates that had to be some where else during the Convention and that hurt the bottom line. The State had a Board Meeting in San Antonio, Texas in September, the books were audited by four of the Board-Members and every thing came out great. Our next Boarding Meeting will be at the Spring School and so will be the next audit. I will be sending my report to Kathy on Monday (October 2, 2017) I am still waiting for the bank statement (Sept 30, 2017) once I get it I will E-mail the report to Kathy so that she can get it mailed out, give her time to make copies. I am sure I will see a lot of you at the Spring School. REMEMBER IT IS YOUR MONEY AND YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW HOW THE STATE IS SPENDING IT, READ THE QUARTERLY REPORTS.


June 30, 2017

I have been your Treasurer for two years and I have enjoyed the job and I am sure the next two will be great. It is time to do the LM-3 and the 990 (IRS) this form is so that we can keep our tax free status. This was the first State Convention that I was part of and boy did I learn a lot when it came to the Audit. My books were in very good shape but one can always learn new ways to do the job. There was one small problem and it was dealing with the last check that was written when I took over, the last audit had wrote down the wrong check number, it was off by one number. I pulled up the bank statement from May 2015 and proved that the last Check # was off by one. Everything look good after that. I am looking forward to the next Audit since I know what is important to them. I want to thank the ones who did the Audit I enjoyed working with them and they all gave me some good advice, thank you. The State Convention went pretty good accept for the food part, they needed more people bring out the food, I thought the food was good once you got it. I want to also thank Homer (new Vice-prsident) for all the work he did dealing with the State Convention. Even though no one ran against me I want to thank all the Union Members for their support and even the ones that complained about the budget. I can make this promise the next budget will be on point and it will be put together better next time. The most important fact was that everyone saw how much money the State has and that is why I did the budget like i did, we all learn by our mistake and I want to thank everyone that stood up and voiced their disapproval and approval of the budget. I want to thank Fort Worth and the membership for making the amendments to the By-Laws so that they could pass. Now there is no doubt what Per-Diem means, thank you all for what you did on the budget and By-Laws. The next two years should be good years dealing with the finances and I will be working hard to make sure the States funds are spent correctly and for the right reasons. One good thing about the budget, was the fact that there will be a trip to D.C. and that is based on the budget. I am planing on going to some Union Meetings after I get all the information on the 2017 State Convention and file the LM-3 and 990. Thanks again and hope to see some of you before the year ends. THE BOOKS ARE LOOKING GOOD.




This will be my last article before the convention. It has been almost two year and boy has it gone fast. I have really enjoyed keeping up the books and my promise to everyone about full disclosure. The months of January and March 2017 was outstanding. The State spent quite a-lot of money for the trip to DC but it was worth it and we should be going once a year, the State can afford it and that is what the money is for, LEGISLATION. For this quarter we spent more than we took in but when you make a trip to DC it will cost. We paid out rebates (AFl-CIO) to the Branches and also to the Texas State Auxiliary. One other expense was 224 hours of Assignment Pay and we need to cut down on it (Assignment Pay / Lost time). We also had our normal expenses such as stamps, postage and other reimbursements. All three accounts balances are looking outstanding. On April 03, 2017 I mailed out my financial report for the months of January - March 2017 to the President and Secretary, remember give the Secretary time to get the mail and then make copies to mail out to each branch. It will be good to see everyone at the 2017 State Convention in Eagle Pass, TX

Dana R Culpepper