1st. Quarter Report of 2019

After working for the state association for one full quarter as secretary I must say, “I NEED A RAISE!” I have a newfound respect for any secretary position, its a lot of work and they make it look so easy...kind of like our jobs. Most bystanders will say letter carriers have it easy, throwing paper in a box all day....we all soon learned that ain't even the half of it!


All jokes aside in my opinion, the Washington, DC trip was a huge success. We met with just about every congressional member/legislative aide for the whole state, and also representatives for both of our senators. Myself can confirm that the feedback received from these members and their aides was positive and inviting, I know first hand on a count that I attended at least half of the meetings:)


The convention is fast approaching and deadlines are coming, please do not hesitate to contact me about any questions. I will do my best to answer your question or find you someone who can.

Happy Holidays Ya’ll!

Forrest Shephard
TSALC Secretary
27th LCCL TX

Secretary's Report
Forrest Shephard 

Elijah Murphy
Son of Joseph and Danette Murphy
Branch 132

Savannah Gideon
Daughter of Gary and Serina Gideon
Branch 404

Savannah Gideon
Son of Brent and Patricia Redding
Branch 283

2018 Scholarship Winners