4rd Quarter Report;

Greetings Brothers & Sisters,
I, Forrest C. Shephard was appointed to fill the vacant board seat for secretary. I am energetic and enthusiastic to be given such a great opportunity to serve upon this board. I feel that I can continue to keep this great organization flowing and potentially improve everyday functions of this board. Unity is key to success, I believe; therefore i strive to keep us united and stand firm towards our mission of keeping this great state in order.
A little about myself; my career with the postal Service started May 2016, summertime in south Texas! I was told that if i can make it through the first 3 months I should be good…and here I am today! I still remain a CCA, hoping my conversion comes sooner rather then later. When I first undertook this career I thought to myself from time to time, “What am I doing here!?!?” but as time advanced, I grew, rather quickly might I say, to enjoy/love my profession. I say proudly when people ask what I do for a living, I am a Letter Carrier. Many times I draw blank stares and hear, “ a what?” To which I reply, “ A mailman…” I fully intend to make this my lifelong career and do all I can to advance the interests of letter Carriers throughout my tenure. I am also the LCCL for the 27th congressional district; one of my success’s so far as a LCCL was getting former congressman Farenthold to co-sponsor H.R. 31. Now my congressman is M. Cloud and I remain optimistic that I can relay important information to him and show him the need for postal reform and how vital the Letter Carrier craft is to the country as a whole. I enjoy watching football (Fly Eagles Fly!) and reading, watching, working on cars/trucks; especially my Tundra! 
As your new secretary I intend to give it my all and further our agenda as a state board member; Help make decisions that advance this organization and state into greater success’s now and into the future. I deeply appreciate the opportunity to serve my state and hope to make a meaningful impact amongst you all. Everyone be safe and enjoy your time off, many of us don’t get enough of it so that it seems! 

Happy Holidays Ya’ll!

Forrest Shephard
TSALC Secretary
27th LCCL TX

Secretary's Report
Forrest Shephard 

Elijah Murphy
Son of Joseph and Danette Murphy
Branch 132

Savannah Gideon
Daughter of Gary and Serina Gideon
Branch 404

Savannah Gideon
Son of Brent and Patricia Redding
Branch 283

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