President's Report

President?s  2017 1st Quarter Report

2017 has been a busy year so far, Texas State Committee of Presidents in Eagle Pass in January where all of the convention committee members were selected and other things were discussed by those present.

I had the opportunity to attend a political planning meeting at the Texas AFL-CIO office in Austin.  We recapped the legislative efforts of 2016.  There were plenty of speakers, including the AFL-CIO National Field Director, the Deputy Field Director, and the national AFL-CIO field and communication staff.  All of the Texas AFL-CIO staff was helping as well.  There were about 40 unions representing from all over Texas. I am excited about what we are doing in Texas.  Remember, local representatives become state representatives that become congressional representatives. Let?s build these relationships from the ground up. 

There was no time to waste, following the political planning meeting in Austin I attended the Region 10 National Business Agent?s training school and rap session.  President Rolando attended and updated us on our political strategy and our contract.  The president had John Beaumont, currently the California State Association President, transitioning into a new role at national, conduct a legislative Congressional District Liaison (CDL) training.  He will be one of the new Legislative Political Organizers (LPO).  Think of this position like the Regional Field Coordinators (RFC), only he has 16 states to work with.   

There is no rest for the weary, next, the state association took CDLs to lobby congress in Washington, D.C.  And a few branches sent additional members and that was awesome.  Several congressional representatives were receptive to our house resolutions however, have not signed on just yet.  We, the constituents have to apply the pressure and do it collectively.  Our voice is louder when we speak as one.

Legislatively, postal reform has come to the forefront.  Congressman Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the House Committee on Oversite and Government Reform, has introduced H.R. 756, Postal Service Reform Act of 2017. The NALC supports this bill to come out of committee and that?s where we come in.  Call, email, write, or visit your representatives and tell them to support H. Res. 15, 6-Day Delivery which as of this writing has 159 cosponsors, 5 from Texas.  H. Res. 28, Door to Door Delivery, has 204 cosponsors with 10 from Texas.  H. Res. 31, Delivery Standards, has 151 cosponsors with 7 Texas representatives signed on.

There is a lot going on and we need to stay informed and a great way to do this is the NALC APP.  You can download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for android device.  The app does have a carrier calendar for your convenience. 

The Texas State Association District meetings are upon us.  Contact your district board members if you have any questions or visit our website,, click on districts and then districts schools for dates and times. Hope everyone can attend.


Thank You and God Bless,

Carlos Rodriguez Jr.

President, Texas States Association of Letter Carriers

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