TSALC Newly Elected Officers
2017 - 2019

Officers Seated from left to right:

Director of Retiree- Elisabeth Goodwin, Secretary -Katherine January, President - Carlos Rodriguez Jr., Vice President - Homer Hernandez and Treasurer -Dana Culpepper.

District Representatives Standing from left to right: 

1- A.G. Ramires, 2-Rita Wilder, 3-Matthew Sellmyer, 4-Ron Eudy, 5- Luis Palacios and 6- Shelby Clower 

President Report: 2017 4th.. QTR Report

Let me start off by wishing everyone a very blessed Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!  2017 is behind us and here comes 2018.  Challenges and opportunities await us in this 115th Congress. 

Mid-term elections will be soon upon us.  Are you aware of who is running in your district?  I’m sure you are.  Ask these candidates about their views of the postal service and maintaining 6 day deliver, door-to-door delivery, and returning the delivery standards to 2012.   Let’s inform them as well as get their views. More

Thank You and God Bless,

Carlos Rodriguez Jr.

Vice-President Report: Greetings;

Here we go again. The White House FY 2019 Budget Proposal. Please look it up on your NALC APP, read it and stand up for your job, call your congressman and tell them to vote NO to this Proposal. You can find out who your congressional representative is on the app with your zip code, then click under GOV, T AFFAIRS.. More

Watch video of Letter Carriers helping out after the storm harvey passed. Click on this link: TSALC Reaching Out.mov

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