District 6 Report

Hello everyone from District 6 & the rest of Texas, 

Once again it’s time to write my quarterly report.  As always, it’s been a busy quarter for me.  It seems like I’ve been on the road for the whole quarter.  First a few words on the new administration in Washington D.C.  The American people spoke.  However, it didn’t turn out as a lot of us would have liked, but it is what it is and now we have to redouble our efforts and work even harder to get some postal reform done.  I’ll close out of the Washington mess by quoting a great American, Forrest Gump.   “It Happens”.  

In January we had the presidents meeting in Eagle Pass and talked to the presidents in attendance about the upcoming state convention in June.  We also drew names for the committees for the convention.

In February, the business agents’ school was held in Albuquerque, NM.  Classes were given and National President, Fred Rolondo gave us an update on contract negotiations and everything else going on in Washington. 

On February 29th through March 2nd, the state association sponsored a legislative trip to Washington D.C.  The state board felt that this was a critical time for the state to be in Washington to lobby for the NALC.  There were around three hundred carriers from all over the US, meeting with their congressmen and staff, over the issues that affect all NALC members.  

In closing, I would like to say thanks to everyone who gave up their own time and annual leave, to go to Washington and help.


In Solidarity,

District 6 Board Member

Shelby Clower

817-319-3817 - shelby.clower@sbcglobal.net