District 6 Report

Hello Everyone in Dist. 6

Its time for my quarterly report. I want to thank everyone for electing me for another two year term at the state convention. It has once again been a busy time since the state convention, beginning with district branch meetings.  I want to thank Denton branch for giving me the opportunity to attend their branch meeting and visiting with their members.  I have just returned from the C.O.P. in Portland where National President Rolando talked about all the issues concerning letter carriers.  Then the Texas State board had a board meeting in San Antonio this past weekend,where we were trained on signing up carriers and retirees for the (LCPF) Letter Carriers Political Fund.  We were tasked with trying to jumpstart the program to get more people to participate in the program, so look for the state Officers to be more visible in the future on this issue. Now I would like to turn everyone’s attention to the budget  process going on in Washington  D.C.  I hope everyone has had the opportunity to review the President’s budget and if you have not, please do.  I don’t care which side of the argument you fall on, I just want everyone to look at the ways this budget will personally affect them and their families by putting aside politics. Please go to the N.A.L.C. website and review the part about the budget. In closing I want to wish everyone good health and best wishes from your Dist 6 Board member.



Shelby Clower

District 6 Board Member

817-319-3817 - shelby.clower@sbcglobal.net