District-2 Report

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3rd Quarter Report

I would like to thank the District 2 delegation that attended the 109th Texas State Association of Letters Convention in Eagle Pass, TX. I am very thankful for the vote of confidence I received to be re-elected as your District 2 Board member, I look forward to work with President, Carlos Rodriquez, newly elected Vice President, Homer Hernandez along with all of the other elected board members. 

Thanks to our National Officers Myra Warren and Ron Watson for providing valuable information to the Convention delegation.  John Beaumont, Legislative Political Organizer (LPO) provided legislative training during the State Convention.  Also on the spot enrollment to the Letter Carriers Political Fund was available during registration. The National Association of Letter Carriers Union is not alone in an effort to ensure that their members are treated right. 

The Bakery Confectionery Tobacco Workers & Grain Millers (BCTGM) International Union showed a video on their struggle within their union. That included the closure of plants and shifting local production from industrialized communities here in the United States. In Chicago unreasonable wage cuts offered was offer to their workforce before deciding to move hundreds of jobs offshore. Nabisco’s Houston plant closed in 1999 and laid off 450 workers.  On the video it showed jobs at the Chicago plant were being move to Mexico.

As letter carriers we have a lot of challenges before us. A few of the legislative issues before us are H. Res 15 Six -day mail delivery and H. Res. 28 Door delivery.  These are legislative issues that concern the welfare of all letter carriers. I will utilize my skills to promote and encourage the members of District 2 to become more activity in the Letter Carriers Political Fund. Ron Shover is the new Letter Carrier Political Fund Coordinator in District 2. Ron will be able to sign you up for the Letter Carriers Political Fund on the spot. 

Our National Officer Manuel Peralta joined with our Vice President Homer Hernandez and other carriers as they provided community in Rockport, TX after the destruction left by hurricane Harvey. 

I am excited about the opportunity to serve as your District 2 Board Member.  Over the next two years, it will be my pleasure to represent District 2 as we move forward towards 2018. Let’s work together to let our voices be heard!


Yours in solidarity,


Rita Wilder