District 6 Report

June 2018 Report

Hello Everyone in District Six,

Once again, it has been a busy time for me, we had the district six meeting in May, in Arlington.  It turned out to be well attended and well received. The state president and vice president were in attendance, as was, John Beaumont, from National headquarters. The LCPF was discussed and ideas were tossed about on how to increase carrier participation. I hope that all carriers have been watching the ongoing mess that is happening in Washington, and now, the Supreme Court has become a new issue with their rulings and retirements.  As some of you may recall, I wrote before the presidential elections last year about how important the next president would be, due to being able to do appoint new members to the court and how that would set the course for this country for a long time to come.  Stay tuned and watch the drama.  Hope for the best, better yet, call your congressman and voice your opinion. In closing, I hope to see all of you in Detroit at the National convention.


District 6 Board Member