District 6 Report

March 2018 Report

Hello to all Texas Letters Carriers from District Six,

This is my Quarterly report for the 1st quarter of 2018. As always, busy is the normal. I started by attending the Branch meeting and installation of branch 5938.  I had the opportunity to discuss the L.C.P.F. fund and the budget proposed by the President. The Texas state board had a training session with John Beaumont from the National office on the best ways to sign up letter carriers and retirees for the L.C.P.F. This concluded January for me. February brought the N.B.A. school where a meeting was held on Saturday with branch leaders on ways to reorganize the state association.  Lots of ideas were exchanged, some good, some not so good.  Stay tuned at the next state convention for by-law changes. The state association also sponsored training for all the L.C.C.L for all the 36 congressional districts in Texas. This training was conducted by John Beaumont from the legislative department and was very informative. The state association made the decision to put all the board members on the road to visit as many branches as possible, to kick start interest in the Letter Carrier political fund. I was assigned the Killeen, Temple and H.E.B. branches and attended all these branch meetings in March.  I would like to thank all these branches for allowing me to have the opportunity to speak to their branch members and hope to see everyone more in the future. The District 6 meeting will be held May 20, 2018 at the Arlington branch hall.  Everyone is invited to attend.  We will be serving a light breakfast and light lunch.  A discussion will follow regarding the Letter Carrier political fund.  A representative from the National business agent’s office will be there to discuss contract issues.

In closing,  as always it is an honor to serve District 6 as the board member.          


Hello Everyone,    

It is time for my last article of 2017.  I hope this finds everyone in good health and good spirits. I would like to thank all the branches that have allowed me to visit with this year.  The TSALC Board had a meeting in September and was trained on how to sign up carriers for the L.C.P.F. on the computer.  National N.A.L.C feels that the state needs to be more involved in signing up carriers and teaching them to be more active in the way their jobs are funded and to have more of a say on the people who are elected to have control of the Post Office and government. I urge all members, active or retired, to join if you are not already involved, as this is one way to have a voice on who is sent to Washington.   You should also know how well those that are elected represent you and your interests.  I hope everyone has been paying close attention to what happens in our Nation’s Capital on the new tax laws being written.  I wish everyone would look at how these new laws affect them, on a personal basis, and not just on the politics.  I believe that if most people do this, they will find that the new laws don’t help them or anyone they know. I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I hope everyone has a more prosperous year in 2018 than they had in 2017.  See everyone in Denton in February.


Shelby Clower

District 6 Board Member