District 5 Report

2nd. Quarter Report of 2018

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th  with your family and friends.

District 5 meeting was held April 22, 2018. Thank you to those members that attended the meeting.

NBA Region 10 Kathy Baldwin has retired. Kathy thank you for your dedication, enjoy your new chapter in life and congratulation to Javier Bernal our NBA region 10 representative.

 Regional Administrative assistants

Shawn Boyd, Dallas Branch 132

Karrie Kimbrell, San Antonio Branch 421         

2018 is the year where carriers need to be in the alert mode. Carriers if you don’t have the NALC app. implement it to your phone. You all need to know what’s going on in Washington and what our national President is doing to fight back and what we need to do to help.  

The PAC fund is used to help those candidates that will support our issues in order for us to stay strong and to head in the right direction. We have home insurance, car insurance, health insurance, and life insurance. Why not have job insurance, contribute to the letter carrier political fund by signing up for it. We need to be united and strong. The State is signing members to contribute to the letter carrier political fund. Our State Vice President has related the message that 125 new members have signed up for the letter carrier political fund.     

We must continue registering people to vote and getting out the vote is a MUST to the letter carriers. We need to vote for those candidates that will support our issues, we have to encourage those people who are register to vote to go and vote.  We have to convince them that their vote does count.

Thank you carriers for participating in our 26th Anniversary Food Drive it is extra work but it is for a good cause. You all have a big heart I Thank you.   

For information about House resolutions go into the NALC app.,  government affairs,  bill tracker and you be able to see the 3 HRES 15,28, 31 need your support.

 We have to pass the word around to family, friends and people to go out and vote.   Voting matters make the call.

Letter carriers attending the national convention enjoy and take the information to all our fellow brothers and sisters. We all need to be in the same page.

To all Br. Presidents of District 5 can you email your telephone number and let me know when you all have your monthly meeting so I can attend one of your meetings. 


In Unionism,

Luis A Palacios
District 5 Board Member
(956) 645-1062