District 4 Report

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4rd Quarter Report; 
Greetings  to Everyone !!!!!! 

I hope each of you and your loved ones are doing well. 

I wish all of you the very Best during the Holiday Season. 

I want to ask each of you to please ask at least one co-worker to sign up to be an NALC-E-ACTIVIST and ask for that one member to donate to LCPF. If we all ask one co-worker and that co-worker ask at least one co-worker and we keep that going then hopefully we will gain more and more members on our E-ACTIVIST list and have more LCPF contributors. This is very easy to do and it is even more rewarding when our co-workers get involved and step up to help our cause. These members also learn all the good things that come from the knowledge you gain from being on these two lists. Now please make sure your vote. Without getting into all the issues for or against either candidate I ask you to Vote your paycheck, preach and teach morals at home. Thank You 

Now to our 2017 TSALC SATE CONVENTION. Your state board just returned from a visit to Eagle Pass the site of your 2017 TSALC Convention. I believe and feel very strongly that each of you will be pleasantly surprise with Eagle Pass. All the people I met were friendly and went all out to make sure when our delegates and their families arrive next year they will be happy they gave Eagle Pass a chance. Eagle Pass is a small clean town with several nice places to eat, there is a golf course, a bowling alley, a small lake that is clean with picnic tables etc, a nice convention center, a clean and safe casino about 10 minutes away, you may cross the border as we did and all was safe and sound and we did return before nightfall and there are many more small town attractions. The local branch and all of their members are all on board to do whatever it takes to make sure that everyone who comes to Eagle Pass will have a good time. The local branch is working hard with your TSALC board to have a variety of things to do so that everyone has fun. Without going into more details there will be lots more information to come. I hope each of you Branch Presidents or designee attends the State COP in Eagle Pass in January of 2017. At the COP you will receive your 2017 TSALC State Convention packet and hopefully be able to get any questions you may have answered. With this being said I truly believe each of will be pleasantly surprised and very happy with Eagle Pass. If any of you have any questions or concerns with your 2017 State Convention please give me or any member of the board a call. If I do not know the answer I will get the answer for you. Hope to hear from you with any questions or ideas. Each member of the TSALC is here for you to make things better for you and all of our NALC members. 

God Bless 

Ron Eudy                                                                                                                          \
Proud and Honered to be your District 4 Board Member