District 4 Report 


QUESTIONS PLEASE CONTACT -  OSCAR CABRAL at 915-422-6632 or myself at 325-518-7202,    HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE

I hope this District 4 report finds each of you and your loved ones doing well. It was great to see and visit with so many of you at the recent NBA Spring School in Denton. The facilities were awesome and we all should look forward to our 2019 TSALC State Convention to be held at the same location. Marvin Ruyle and his Branch, the Embassy Hotel and the people of Denton will welcome letter carriers with open arms to see that everyone has a good time. We learned that long time Union Activist and current National Business Agent Mrs. Kathy Baldwin will be retiring soon. It has been an honor to get to know and work for Mrs. Kathy Baldwin. Mrs. Kathy Baldwin has for more than 30 years been representing and working for letter carriers. Mrs. Kathy Baldwin we Thank You and we wish you well in your retirement. Our National President Fred Rolando along with John Beaumont spoke about what is going on in DC. They gave us a path that we the NALC, the State Association and every letter carrier should take to help save the USPS, our jobs, our wages, and our benefits. This path is a path in progress and things are moving now that are not yet visible. I can tell you that Branches will see and hear more from your TSALC`s. We need each Branch President to work with us to get everyone on the same path. There will be some awesome legislative training at each of the upcoming District Meetings. I am inviting each of you to please attend your District Meeting and I am requesting that each Branch President please spread the word to all of their members about attending their District Meeting.

 One major concern is we the NALC must get more of our very own membership to contribute to LCPF. LCPF is the funds that are used to protect the USPS, the correct way, and the LCPF funds are used to protect each of our jobs, our wages and our benefits. I am not going to get into all the details but I am going to say we need every letter carrier (active= part-time, CCA`s, Regular, and Retirees) to contribute to the Letter Carrier Political Fund (LCPF). WHY ? Because this the most effective way for our Union to fight and protect our jobs, wages and our benefits. Contributing to LCPF STRENGTHENS OUR ABILITY TO EDUCATE the American public and stop legislation that could adversely affect the USPS and Letter Carriers specifically. President Trump and many members of Congress are coming after us to help them with the trillion dollar deficit they created with their tax cuts for the rich. Have you really thought about where the trillion dollars is going to come from? Trump and his allies are coming after us. Below are just some of the ways they plan to attack each of us:

Raising pension contributions by up to 6.45 percent of pay over the next six years, costing active letter carriers up to $3,600 per year.

Eliminating cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) for current and future retirees under (FERS)

Reducing COLAs for the CSRS annuitants by 0.5 percent each year

Reducing CSRS and FERS pension benefits for new retirees by basing annuities on employee’s highest average pay over five years (HIGH-5) instead of over 3 years (HIGH-3)

Eliminating the annuity supplement that covers the gap for employees who retiree under FERS before they qualify Social Security benefits at age 62

Slashing the rate of interest paid on assets invested in the Thrift Savings Plan Government Securities’ Fund (G Fund), costing active and retired letter carriers alike, $32 billion over 10 years

And I have not even gotten to part where they wish to eliminate door-to-door delivery, get rid of a day of service ? Maybe Saturday maybe another day and there are at least 10 more ways they wish to slash benefits from letter carriers?

We need to understand that Letter Carrier Issues are more than what happens on the work room floor. Brothers and Sisters the fight for our rights and benefits continues. You should be concerned about protecting your jobs and your benefits. Contributing to the LCPF is an absolute must. It`s your job insurance.

Attend your upcoming District Meeting for more on these issues. I hope each of you attend our District 4 Meeting in El Paso for some great legislative training and some contractual training. Branch 505 with Mr. Oscar and Mr. Albert, will definitely show you plenty of hospitality and they will do all they can to see to it all who attend will have fun and will enjoy their time in El Paso.

I hope to see YOU Saturday April 28th in El Paso.  Be Safe

God Bless

Ron Eudy                                                                                                     District 4