District 4 Report 

4rd Quarter Report; 


I hope this report finds each of you and your loved ones doing well. I wish each of you the very best this Holiday Season and a prosperous healthy New Year.

I am asking, requesting, begging that each of you please get on board with our National Legislative Team. Please down load the NALC App so you will be prepared and have the correct knowledge to address our concerns head on. The NALC App keeps you abreast on what is going on in DC and exactly what you need to do, such as contacting your Congressmen and Senators. We all need to get going and step up to do our part in saving our benefits and the company we work for. Now is definitely a pivotal time for each of us, active and retired. We your TSALC preach daily on political issues effecting letter carriers and we need your help and suggestions on how we can be more productive and get better results here in Texas. I know I’m pretty much preaching to the choir here but we must do better. Your TSALC board will be meeting soon with Mr. John Beaumont and then there will be some very important legislative training and classes at the 2018 NBA Spring Training in Denton. Please have your members attend the said training. Together we need to make 2018 a year that we get some good results from Congress here in Texas. Together, Lets make a New Year resolution to succeed in the political arena and protect our brothers and sisters. Give to LCPF - Give to LCPF – Give to LCPF

Hope to see you in Denton                                                                         


God Bless 

Ron Eudy                                                                                                                          
In Unionism   Proud From District 4