District 4 Report 


I hope this report finds each of you and your loved ones doing well.

As we get into the Holiday Season we all should remember we are blessed and have a lot to be thankful for. With a stroke of a pen our benefits could be slashed immediately. We as NALC Reps and as members must step up and go above the norm to protect our benefits. With saying this we must get everyone we know to get out and vote this November and we must provide the correct information to everyone including our Senators and Congressman. Right now the pressing issues are H Res 993 and S Res 633. We must stop the privatization and or sell of the United States Postal Service. We must make contact with our Congressman and Senators and inform them of exactly what the stakes are. The information is out on what you need to say but if for some reason you don’t have it or you’re not comfortable on what to say to your Congressman and Senator please contact me, your LCCL, your Branch President or any State Officer. I urge each of you to please make the calls and urge ALL of your members, your family and friends to do the same. Please remember this is a bipartisan issue and on the same note we support the Congressman and Senators that support or issues no matter their party affiliation. We must do our part so this November we get more elected officials in office that support our issues. Please separate your feelings on the 2nd amendment, party affiliation etc. and vote for the Congressman or Senator that supports your job, your benefits, Social Security, Medicare and the United States Postal Service. This was short but if you have any questions please contact me at 325 518 7202.

We have to get the word out to have our Congressman co-sponsor H Res 993 and our Senators to co-sponsor S Res 633. Please continue your efforts on increasing your branches percent of members donating to LCPF. LCPF is a must as we fight this fight together.

I look forward to seeing you in Houston at the Fall NBA School and visiting many of you at your Branch Meetings. We are stronger and better when we have a common cause and we work as a team to achieve our goal.  I THANK each of you for your hard work and I’m wishing each of you and your Branch continued success. Hopefully in my next report we can say the hard work paid off and we have more individuals on the Hill in DC that support our issues.

Happy Veterans Day and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.

God Bless

Ron Eudy                                                                                                     
Proud-District 4 Board Member