District 4 Report 


I hope each of you and your love ones are doing well. The heat is approaching fast and it’s only going to get to worse so please don’t over heat and drink plenty of fluids.

We just held our Annual District 4 Meeting in El Paso and a Big Thank you to all who attended. We had awesome turnout of 28 and we were treated with hospitality and brotherhood from Branch 505 El Paso. Albert Anchondo, Oscar Cabral with their members were great hosts and we thank each one of them. We were honored to have some fantastic Legislative training put on by John Beaumont and Carlos Rodriquez. We had some great contractual training put on by our new NBA Javier Bernal. So a big thank you to Carlos, John and Javier. Our LCCL`s and attendees left with a better understanding on legislative and political issues concerning letter carriers. Now We all have a complete understanding of LCPF and exactly how important it is to protect our jobs, our benefits and the US Postal Service. We all need to give to LCPF and we all need to get more of our membership to give. The current administration in DC is coming after the USPS and our benefits and we need to stand up for all we have. Please read your NALC Postal Record and download the NALC App so you can stay abreast of all letter carrier issues, you need to be ready to act when called upon. We all should be calling and writing our Congressmen and Senators on a weekly basis. If any of you have any questions on what to say and or how to answer questions when making these calls please call me, you’re LCCL or any of the guys who names are in this article. Again I thank all of our trainers and all who attended this year’s District 4 Meeting.                    AWESOME JOB TO EVERYONE.                                                                                                   

Proud District 4 Board Member             

Ron Eudy