District 3 Report
Matthew Sellmeyer

4th.  Quarter Report,

Greetings to Everyone

I hope that each of you are doing well!

We still have challenges in Washington, D.C. There is HB 15, Sis Day Delivery, HB 28 Door to Door Delivery, and HB 31,
USPS Service Standards. Now we have the TAX Bill. Everyone needs to write letters, call or email your Senator and let
them know that we want them to vote NO on the TAX Bill.

We still need LCCL's to help with all of the Legislation that is ongoing. If you do not have a LCCL in your Branch please
let me know and I will try and come to your local branch meeting and help find someone. We also need Carriers to contribute
to the LCPF. if we get one Carrier per week it will help the NALC.

I also have been going to Mac Thornberry's office on a monthly basis discussing about our concerns.

Have a Safe and Prosperous Holiday Season and a Happy New Year.

In Solidarity

Matt Sellmyer
District 3 Board Member