District 3 Report
Matthew Sellmeyer

3rd Quarter Report of 2018

I Hope that this finds everyone doing well.  I hope that your summer went well. 

We had a great time at the National Convention in Detroit.

There were many, many speakers, both Democrat and Republican that all had the same messages, Solidarity, Unity, Brotherhood and NO to Privatization.  We all must stick together.

The big thing going on now is HR 993, Privatization of the USPS. The Trump Administration is trying to Privatize the USPS.  Everyone needs to call, email or go to their respective Congressman’s office and let them know that we the Letter Carriers of the Post Office DO NOT want the Post Office Privatized.  Ask them to Co Sponsor HR 993. This is our livelihood and we must fight to protect it.  What about all the benefits that you have right now, your pay, your insurance, your days off, your annual leave, and your sick leave.  These are the things that we will lose.

 We must also remember the other Resolutions still out there.  HR 15, the commitment to maintain 6 day del, HR 28 the commitment to maintain door to door del, and HR 31 the commitment to maintain service standards.  Don’t forget to let your congressman know about these also.

So get in touch with your Representatives let them know that they need to co sponsor HR 993.

Don’t forget to also get your members signed up for the LCPF.


Matt Sellmyer
District 3
Branch 1037