District 3 Report
Matthew Sellmeyer

First Quarter Report of 2018

Greetings Everyone

Hope that this finds everyone doing well.  The past 3 months have been busy.   We have had meetings about the Letter Carrier Political Fund, this is a push from National.  We all need to contribute to the LCPF.  All we are asking is that you to contribute $5.00 a pay period.   In February at the NBA School President Rolando and John Beaumont, our National Legislative Rep, reported on how we all can give.  It was very enlightening.  So please give, give, give.

On the National Website is a report of the 2019 White House Budget Proposal.  Everyone needs to read this report whether online or the NALC App.  There are many provisions affecting NALC members within the FY 2019 Proposed Budget.

District 3 meeting will be held Sunday, April 8, 2018 at 9:00 AM in Amarillo, TX at NALC Branch 1037 Union hall located at 2225 S. Polk St.  Everyone is welcome to attend.

Hope to see you in Amarillo

Matt Sellmyer
District 3 Board Member