District-2 Report


2ND Quarter 2018

On Sunday April 15, 2018 the District 2 Meeting was held in Tyler, Texas.  I would like to express my thanks to John Beaumont, National Legislative and Political Organizer and Shawn Boyd Regional Administrative Assistant for providing training for the meeting.

All of the Legislative training was provided by John Beaumont and Homer Hernandez, Vice President of the Texas State Association of Letter Carriers. A skit was perform to show the proper way of conducting a meeting when meeting with a Congressional Representative. Shawn Boyd provided  training concerning Route Count and Inspection due to a lot of branches have been hit with Minor and Full Route Count and Inspections.

Many thanks go out to all of branches that sent members, Branch Presidents, Texas State Association of Letters Officers and the Letter Carrier Congressional Liaisons (LCCL) that attended the District 2 Meeting. A special thanks go to Homer Hernandez, Vice President for posting the pictures of the training and Dana Culpepper, Treasurer for all of his help.

Pete Session, Legislative Congressional District 32 was filled by Jorge E Paz from Garland Branch 3993.  Jorge is off to a good start learning his role as a LCCL when he attended the Chat and Chew function on May 8, 2018 in Richardson.  This is a function where the LCCL meet with Letter Carriers to discuss participating in the Letter Carrier Political Fund.

As I turn my focus to the National Convention July 16-20, 2018 in the Motor City of Detroit, Michigan. I would like encourage everyone that would be attending the convention to attend the workshop. A number of workshops will be offer throughout the week. If you can try to attend the workshop The Strike at 40 will be very beneficial for all carriers. This will remain us of how the carriers before us laid the ground work for what we as letter carriers have now. 

That would be our wages, benefits and a contract just to name a few of the rights we got because of the Great Postal Strike of 1970. All LCCL there are several workshops the deal with Legislation.

In closing I would like wish everyone a Happy 4th of July and safe travel to and from the convention.


Rita Wilder
District 2 Board Member