District 1 Report

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1st. Quarter Report;

What a busy year it?s been folks. Preparing for the State Convention, hosting a Committee of Presidents meeting, and a trip to lobby or representatives on the Hill. 

The year started with another planning session for the state convention. June in Eagle Pass will be a lot of fun. The events are planned, the city is ready, and the letter carriers of Texas are excited. We have a bowling tournament and a golf game planned to raise funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. We have a welcome party, banquet, and retiree/veterans breakfast so we can all regroup and visit with old friends or make new ones.

While the Texas State Board was in Eagle Pass we also hosted the COP meeting. It was great to see all the presidents from or Texas branches. Business was conducted; committee members were selected and we toured the facilities. The International Center for Trade will prove to be a great venue for the convention.

In February the Texas State Board and the Congressional District Liaisons made a trip to Washington D.C. to talk to our representatives about Letter Carrier issues. We made sure to educate our representatives on H.R. 15 six-day delivery, H.R. 28 Door to door delivery, and H.R. 31 Service standards.

H.R. 15; For the passed 30 years congress has added a rider to the appropriations bills it has passed that mandates the Postal Service deliver mail six days a week. The NALC fully supports this house resolution. It will ensure financial stability and secure letter carrier jobs. 

H.R. 28; The Postal Service has a unique network that no other delivery service has. We service more then 40 million homes and business on a daily basis with door delivering. This delivery network is so unique that other delivery companies actually rely on us for the ?last mile? delivery of most of their packages. H.R. 28 will ensure this crucial service to our customers is maintained and prevent the Postal Service from trying to dismantle this valuable service.

H.R. 31; Prior to July 2012 the Postal Service was able to maintain an overnight delivery standard for First Class mail in metropolitan and rural communities. H.R. 31 would restore the Postal Service delivery standard to the 2012 overnight standard. Restoring these delivery standards would be a great way to ensure customers do not start looking to electronic alternatives to mail.

I am encouraging you to visit NALC.org, download the NALC app, and get the fact sheets on these issues. Reach out to your representative and make sure they understand the importance of supporting letter carrier issues cause we are the constituents. We are the voters. Our voices need to be heard and they do matter. 

?Those who would destroy or further limit the rights of organized labor - Those who would cripple collective bargaining or prevent organization of the unorganized ? do a disservice to the cause of democracy? ? J.F.K.

Up the UNION!!


A.G. Ramirez
District One
Branch 283