District 1 Report

District 1- Board Member

2017 4rd Quarter Report


Let me Start by saying there are some interesting events coming up in the very near future. Topping those events will be the retirement of two congressional representatives in District One. Congressman Gene Green has always been a strong supporter of Letter Carrier issues and will be missed greatly. The 29th Congressional District seat looks to be a highly sought after and there will be no shortage of candidates willing to give it a try and get elected. The TSALC will do its best to insure we have a candidate that is just as mindful of Letter Carrier issues as or great friend Congressman Gene Green.

In addition to this loss we will have an opportunity to gain support from a new candidate in the 2nd Congressional District. Congressman Ted Poe announced he would not seek reelection in 2018. This presents an opportunity for the Letter Carriers in this district. Although Congressman Poe has been a great representative of the state of Texas he has not shown much support for Letter Carrier issues. The TSALC will continue to monitor the situation and keep Letter Carriers informed on the candidates seeking election.

Finally, The third event I would like to remind everyone of is the National Business Agent’s Region 10 School. It will be held in Denton, TX on February 18-19, 2018 over the President’s Day Holiday. It will prove to be informative and beneficial to all who can attend. The TSALC will be holding a class for all the Letter Carrier Congressional Liaisons (LCCL). We will also be recruiting members to become LCCLs. We will continue to need al the help we can to make sure the representatives in DC are educated and up-to-date on Letter Carrier issues and legislation that affects the Postal Service and Federal Employees. 

I want to thank all the Letter Carriers of District One for the hard work they put in and answering the call every time a request was made to contact or representative. The last quarter of the year was filled with legislation and you all stepped up and reached out to your representatives in the Congress and Senate. Great Job District One! 

I want to close out by wishing everyone a happy holiday season filled with joy and love and I wish everyone a Happy New Year! 

“Those who would destroy or further limit the rights of organized labor - Those who would cripple collective bargaining or prevent organization of the unorganized – do a disservice to the cause of democracy” – J.F.K. 

Up the UNION!!


A.G. Ramirez
District One
Branch 283