Director of Retirees Report
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March 2017

Greetings My Fellow Retired Brothers and Sisters,

I hope the New Year has been treating y?all well and the weather hasn?t been doing any damage. Easter will be here soon, so let me be the first to wish y?all Happy Easter. May your Celebration of Easter be filled with the Peace and Joy of Jesus? Resurrection.

2017 has already been a busy year for your TSALC Officers. Many of us attended the February NALC Region 10 NBA School in Albuquerque, NM. While there, quite a few members registered for the State Convention, June 14 ? 16, in Eagle Pass. The Early Registration Deadline is fast approaching, so please don?t forget to register.

After the Region 10 School, there was a Legislative Trip attended by your TSALC Officers, the Congressional District Liaisons (CDL) and several other states. There was the Briefing held at NALC Headquarters in Hutchins Hall, as well as a training session to ensure we had all the facts necessary to visit our Elected Officials. It was a productive trip and many Congress people / aids were educated on H Res 28 ? Door Delivery, because some of them didn?t even know what it meant.

Additionally, at the direction of our NBA Kathy Baldwin, I will be conducting several Retirement Seminars at several branch locations. If you would like specific information on dates / times, you may contact me at 281-546-7176 or Kathy Baldwin?s Office at 281-540-5627.

As a reminder, NALC has their own Retirement Community called NALCREST and information can be found on the website or by calling 863-696-1121. Nalcrest is a retirement community located in Central Florida with 500 garden style apartments starting at $374 per month. That is $374 per month (not week) and it includes utilities and use of community facilities - fitness center, heated swimming pool, tennis courts, softball field and more. Nalcrest is a vibrant community of Retired Letter Carriers with clubs and community organizations of every description. The right to apply for Nalcrest residency is a significant benefit of your NALC Membership. Nalcrest applications are limited to retired NALC members.

Remember folks, I am here to help y?all with whatever I can. If you need to contact me, just call 281-546-7176, which is my cell phone. I do not have cell service where I live, but I do forward my cell phone to our landline at home.

Elisabeth Goodwin

Director of Retirees

Texas State Association of Letter Carriers