Auxilary's Report

Gaye Meredith
TSALCA President
618 Royal Oak Drive, Duncanville, TX 75116
214-394-6640 - 

Dear Auxiliary Member:

I am wishing a very Happy Spring to you and your family and hope that this greeting finds you doing well.  I have a lot of news to report this quarter.

The NALC/NALCA National Convention will be on July 16-20, 2018 at the Cobb Convention Center, 4420 1 Washington Blvd, Detroit, MI  48226.  Phone is 313-877-8777.  Host hotel is the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center at 400 Renaissance Drive W, Detroit, MI  48243.  Phone is 313-568-8000.  Room is $189/night.   The Registration Fee for the Auxiliary is $30 and is due by June 1, 2018.  After June 1, the registration will increase to $35 and will need to be paid at the convention (Please let National Secretary know if you are going to attend as a delegate even if you are unable to register before June 1).  Please send the registration fee to George Anna Myers, 7907 Southview Drive, Grandview, MO  64030. Also, National has been delayed in sending out Per Capita forms for 2018.  They should be delivered soon to all local Auxiliary Secretaries.   If you have any questions on either of the above (National Convention Registration or National Per Capita Forms), please call George Anna Myers at 816-765-3916 or email:  Per National, the Convention Auxiliary Luncheon details will be available at a later date as they are not yet finalized.

Also, if you have any Deceased Auxiliary Members or know of any since last National Convention in Los Angeles, CA (August of 2016), please send to National VP Cynthia Martinez, 3432 W. Mauna Loa Lane, Phoenix, AZ, 85053 by June 1, 2018.  This will aide her in preparing for the National Memorial Service.

I am, also, happy to inform you that the TSALCA’s Welfare Project is again the Postal Employees’ Relief Fund (PERF).  If you or your Auxiliary is interested in contributing, please send any donations to our Welfare Chairman, Judy Arldt, 7709 Creston Lane, Austin, TX  78752.  Please see attached form for more information on PERF.

If you have not paid your State Dues/Per Capita, they are now past due!  All State Per Capita was due on February 1, 2018.  Please be sure to get your Per Capita of $2.00 per member in to our State Secretary, Beatrice Fuentes as soon as possible at 121 NW 11th St, Dimmitt, TX  79027.  Remember you must be an Active Auxiliary Member to be a Delegate to the National Convention.  Thanks to everyone who has already paid. 

The 2018 NBA Region 10 School which was held in Denton, TX was a success.  Thanks to all of those who attended and Special Thanks to those who worked the Fundraising Table.  I, also, want to thank all the other Auxiliary members who were present at the school who attended the Meetings and who worked/helped at other parts of the school.  As you know, it takes all of us working together to keep the Union Strong.  We were privileged to have NALC President Fred Rolando attend and up-date us about the status of the Letter Carriers in his Rap Session.  He updated all present about the current affairs of the NALC.  

As always, we must keep the pressure on Washington.  Congress is working on a lot of non-postal business lately, but it still needs to know the NALC’s priorities when it comes to promoting legislation that supports a strong Postal Service and its universal network of affordable service.  As NALC Auxiliary members, our voices are important on Capitol Hill.  Please use your voice to tell Congress about the right kind of postal reform.  With the right reforms, we can stop seeing service cuts and instead focus on the innovation of the postal service.  Right now, we are focusing on 6-Day Mail Delivery, Door to Door Delivery and USPS Service Standards.   

For more legislative information, you can go directly to our NALC website at, or you can contact our Regional Legislative and Political Organizer, John Beaumont at 202-340-5145 or email him at or you can contact TSALCA VP Linda White or you can contact me. 

I am, also, including copies of the National Auxiliary Officers’ last two columns from the Postal Record for those of you who do not receive a Postal Record.  I have spoken with National regarding the fact that about 40% of our Texas Auxiliary members do not receive the Postal Record and they have agreed to currently send the information to me so that I can send it on to you.  We will discuss this more at the National Convention so hopefully there will be a new protocol after July for you to receive information from the National Auxiliary.

A warm welcome is extended to all auxiliary members to attend the Convention.  If you can come, we will be pleased to have you and if you cannot attend, know that you are always in our thoughts and prayers and are thought of lovingly and with gratitude for all that you have done in the past to make this the Great organization that it is.

Thanks for all you have done and thanks again in advance for all you are doing to help support our Letter Carriers.




Gaye Meredith
TSALCA President