TSALC Newly Elected Officers
2017 - 2019

Officers Seated from left to right:

Director of Retiree- Elisabeth Goodwin, Secretary -Katherine January, President - Carlos Rodriguez Jr., Vice President - Homer Hernandez and Treasurer -Dana Culpepper.

District Representatives Standing from left to right: 

1- A.G. Ramires, 2-Rita Wilder, 3-Matthew Sellmyer, 4-Ron Eudy, 5- Luis Palacios and 6- Shelby Clower 

President 2018 2nd. QTR Report

As the summer begins, thousands of letter carriers are working their routes, “be safe, drink water, and take needed breaks”.  The heat is no joke and not forgiving.  Look for the signs of heat related symptoms and take precautions because heat exhaustion and heat strokes can occur to anyone of us out there.

For those members are on or planning summer vacations with their families, enjoy the leave that was negotiated by collective bargaining.  In just a few short weeks, thousands of NALC members will descend on Detroit for our national convention.  I can’t wait to see y’all there, travel safe. More

Thank You and God Bless,

Carlos Rodriguez Jr.

Vice-President 2018 2nd. QTR Report

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

The State Association is in gear now and we are doing what needs to be done for our members and to fight for our jobs. We are doing a great job with all the participation we have been receiving from you the members. This is making the state stronger. We still have lots of work to do but together we will get it done. Thank you for your help.

State officers have been attending branch meetings promoting the Letter Carrier Political Fund (LCPF) and its importance and we would like to thank all the members that have signed up and all of those that are thinking of signing up and those that give a one-time contribution a year. State officers will continue to visit branches after the National Convention and we hope to see you soon.  More

Homer Hernandez

Updates were added to all Officers and Ditrict Representatives  on 7/5   

The TSALC would like to congratulate Elijah Murphy, Savannah Gideon and Justin Redding for winning the TSALC scholarships. We wish them luck with their college endeavors.

Attention Branch Presidents:
Please correct a typing error on the quarterly treasury report. Branch 1259 did not receive any funds from the state association for meeting space. The money was a AFL-CIO rebate. Please accept our apologies.
Katherine January

I Dana Culpepper TSALC Treasurer made a mistake when I sent my financial report dealing with Branch 1259 Corpus Christi.  I stated the check was for Office, Paid back Branch 1259 for District 5 meeting room. The correct entry should have been AFL-CIO Rebate; Corpus Christi Branch 1259 Rebate. It was check #7317 dated 04/02/2018 amount $228.90. I am very sorry for the mistake and there was no Pay Back to Branch 1259 it was the AFL-CIO Rebate

Dana Culpepper